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Citizen Comments Registration Form

  1. The Planning and Zoning Commission invites citizens to address the Commission on any matter that is NOT posted on the agenda. Anyone wishing to address the Commission should complete a Citizen Comments Registration Form and submit it prior to the start of the meeting. Those citizens will be recognized by the Chairman during the Citizen Comments portion of the meeting. There is a three (3) minute time limit for each citizen to speak with a reasonable limitation on speakers on one topic or item with a maximum of fifteen total minutes on the same topic item. Anyone wishing to speak shall be courteous and cordial.
  2. Please step to the podium as soon as you are recognized by the Chairman, stating your name and address, before beginning your presentation. If you have written notes you wish to present to the Planning and Zoning Commission, please furnish an extra copy for the official files. Audio/visual presentations must be submitted in advance to the Planning Department office prior to 12:00pm (noon) on the third business day preceding the desired meeting date (please contact staff directly at or 972.919.2542 to make arrangements). Please direct your comments to the Planning and Zoning Commission and not the audience.
  3. The Planning and Zoning Commission is not permitted to take action on any subject raised by a speaker during Citizen Comments. However, the Planning and Zoning Commission may have the item placed on a future agenda for action; refer the item to the Director of Planning for further study or action; briefly state existing City policy; or provide a brief statement of factual information in response to the inquiry.
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