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Request to speak during Citizen Comments

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  3. The City Council invites citizens to speak to the City Council on any subject not listed on the City Council meeting agenda or which is not already listed for a public hearing. Any person who desires to address the City Council on any such item shall complete and submit a Citizen Comments Registration Form to the City Secretary or City staff member prior to the start of the City Council meeting. Those individuals will be recognized by the Mayor during the meeting at the time the Citizen Comments section is reached. Each speaker will be limited to three (3) minutes. Speaker time may not be shared with, or reserved for, other speakers.

  4. The Mayor will ask those wishing to address the City Council to do so at the appropriate time. Please approach the speaker's podium in the center of the Council Chambers, state your name and address for the record, and discuss the specific subject or topic of interest. Please direct your comments to the Mayor.

  5. By law the City Council may not take specific action on any subject raised by a speaker during Citizen Comments that is not listed on the agenda. Any deliberation or discussion of the subject shall be limited to a proposal to place the item on the agenda for a subsequent meeting. The City Council may: have the item placed on a future agenda item for action; refer the item to the City Manager and/or staff for further study or action; briefly state existing City policy; or provide a brief statement of factual information in response to the inquiry.

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