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Appearance before City Council Registration Form

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  4. In order to be heard, this registration form must be completed and returned before the Mayor begins to present the item to the City Council. Individuals will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to make presentations, usually not to exceed three (3) minutes unless approved by the Mayor.

  5. Citizens who wish to address the City Council regarding a topic NOT on the agenda must complete the "Request for Future City Council Agenda Item" form. The item will be reviewed and possibly scheduled for a future meeting or forwarded to City staff for appropriate action.

  6. Please step to the podium as soon as you are recognized by the Mayor, stating your name and address before beginning your presentation. If you have written notes you wish to present to the Mayor and Council, please furnish an extra copy for the official files. Audio/visual presentations must be submitted in advance to the City Secretary's office. Please direct your comments to the City Council and not the audience. Constructive comments are welcomed by the City Council. However, no personal or disparaging remarks directed at any individual or disruption of the meeting in any way will be permitted.

  7. Please advise the subject on which you wish to speak.

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