Zoning Cases

Planning and Zoning Commission Packets

2020 Zoning Cases:
September 14th:
Cases include:
  • Medical Parkway and Myra Lane - ViewTech, Inc. (Detailed Site Plan)
  • 2429 Valley View Lane - MD Mozharul, P.E. (Detailed Site Plan)
  • 4020 McEwen Road - Leeds Real Estate Services (Zoning Amendment)
  • Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance: Parking - City-initiated (Zoning Amendment)
August 31st:
Cases include:
  • 1400 Valley View Lane - Moe Joe Capital Investments, LLC (Final Plat)
  • 2620 Valley View Lane - AJ Real Estate Investments (Detailed Site Plan)
  • Planned Development District No. 86 (PD-86) - City-initiated (Zoning Amendment)
August 17th:

This meeting is a Study Session only. No cases will be heard by the Commission.

July 20:
Cases include:
  • .2661 Morgan Parkway - MCI5 Land, Ltd. and Mercer Crossing Industrial Land, Ltd (Final Plat)
  • 13211 N. Stemmons Freeway - McAdams (Detailed Site Plan)
  • Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance: Front-Facing Garages - City-initiated (Zoning Amendment)
July 13:
Cases include:
  • Planned Development District No. 99 (PD-99) - CADG Mercer Crossing, LLC (Zoning Amendment)
June 22:
Cases include:
  • Northeast Corner of Chartwell Crest and Wittington Place - CADG Mercer MM Holdings, LLC (Final Plat)
  • 1701 Valley View Lane - CP Logistics Valley View, LLC (Final Plat)
  • 4356 Spring Valley Road - GO Brands Texas, LLC (Specific Use Permit)

May 11th:
Cases include:
  • Valley View Lane and Bee Street - FB Land, Ltd. (Final Plat)
  • Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance: Specific Use Permits - City-initiated (Zoning Amendment)

April 13th:
Cases include:
  • Valley View Lane and Bee Street - FB Land Ltd. (Detailed Site Plan)
  • 2727 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway - 1910 Beverage Service, LLC (Specific Use Permit)

March 16th:
Cases include:
  • Diplomat Drive - RPGC Valwood, LLC (Final Plat)
  • Planned Development District No. 86 (PD-86) - City-initiated (Zoning Amendment) 
February 25th:
Cases include:
  • Veronica Road - KPA Consulting (Final Plat)
  • Planned Development District No. 86 (PD-86) - City-initiated (Zoning Amendment) 
February 10th:
Cases include:
  • 13840 Denton Drive - H&H Development and Construction, LP (Final Plat)
  • 13000 Josey Lane - Josey Lane Crosssing, LLC (Detailed Site Plan)
January 27th:
Cases include:
  • 11771 Mira Lago Boulevard - DMC Apartments, LP and T Sorrento, Inc. (Final Plat)
  • 14221 Dallas Parkway - University Food Services, Inc. (Specific Use Permit)
  • 13150 Senlac Drive - Komerica Building Maintenance, Inc. (Specific Use Permit)
January 13th:
Cases include:
  • 1930 Valley View Lane - Mooreland Development (Final Plat)
  • 14032 Distribution Way - JQ Engineering, LLP (Final Plat)
  • Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance: Front entry garage Article 3.3.H.2.h - City-initiated  (Zoning Amendment)

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