Things To See

Visit Historic Structures

Although the 1856 Gilbert House is the cornerstone of the Farmers Branch Historical Park, there is much more history to be found at the Farmers Branch Historical Park. Numerous other buildings are spread over 27 acres which visitors are invited to explore, including the:

  • 1870s Farmers Branch Depot
  • 1900s Farmers Branch School
  • 1930s Dodson House
  • 1885 Queen Anne Victorian Cottage
  • 1890s Old Church
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Finish your walk back in time at the Park’s 1840s log culture area where you can find unique examples of early Texas log cabin architecture.

Relive Base Ball

The Historical Park is also home to two vintage base ball teams – the Farmers Branch Mustangs and the Rawhide Creek Tanners.

By recreating the sights and sounds of a 19th-century baseball game, interpreters and volunteers of the Farmers Branch Vintage Base Ball Program illustrate how America’s game has transformed throughout the years.

Shop the Museum Store

Before you leave, visit the Historical Park’s Museum Store where you can take a piece of the Farmers Branch Historical Park home with you. The store is located in the little white structure to the west of the Dodson House.

Tours & Rentals

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