Renovation 2020

Building Towards Betterment

The Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center is excited to announce that we will soon begin to upgrade and enhance our facility. We are always striving to provide the best service to our patrons through our customer service and maintaining a clean and up-to-date facility. This is the first major facelift our Rec Center has received since we opened back in 2004.

The project is very new and also will be occurring during a time where we must maintain social distancing guidelines. Once Governor Abbott approves gyms to be open at 75 percent, we will be reopening our second floor for fitness only. The showers and locker rooms will remain closed. There will be some changes to how we will operate to help maintain social distancing and will update you as we develop better ways to keep safe and maintain our high quality of service. In the meantime, enjoy viewing what you have to look forward to!

Temporary Relocation Front Desk

Our front desk operations has temporarily moved to the second floor. Please continue to enter through the south door and the stairs on your left-hand side. The temporary front desk area will be located at the top of the stairs. If you need elevator access, please ring the doorbell located on the first floor's temporary wall. A team member  will assist you right away. Thank you for your patience during our renovation. We hope that you and your family continue to be safe during these uncertain times. 

Demo Work Begins to Help Prepare for Rec Center Renovation

Demo work for Phase 1 of the Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center renovation has begun. The goal of the demo is to secure the area and to prevent construction dust from migrating upstairs.

Patrons will be able to enter the facility and work out on the second floor, however, some noise will be experienced. Also, patrons needing to access the elevator from the first floor must be escorted by a Rec Center employee for his or her safety. As the demo continues, patrons will be able to see from the second floor that parts of the first floor hallway will be sealed with plastic. This will help with preventing the dust from the construction from coming upstairs.

Phase 1 of the Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center includes updates of the lobby and check-in area, expansions to the child care area, and an extended fitness area. Please visit to continue to monitor the progress of the project.

Phase 1 Enhancements

During Phase 1 of our renovation, we will be building a new lobby experience, expanding our child care area, and converting our multipurpose gym into an extended area for fitness and working out. Please bookmark this page to keep up with the latest developments on the Rec Center’s building towards betterment.

Updates to Lobby Area

We will be enhancing the lobby area to create a warm and inviting experience as soon as you enter the facility. Some upgrades include: 

  • Drip lights and additional light structures
  • Additional benches and lounging areas
  • Transformation of the front desk
  • Upgraded flooring

Overhaul of Childcare Area

The Treehouse will be getting a complete facelift! The new childcare area will be larger, contain more amenities, and will be able to accommodate more children! Some of the new amenities will include:

  • More open space for play
  • Play structure for the children to climb and play on

Expanded Fitness Area

Our multipurpose gym will be reinvented into an expanded fitness area. Some of the benefits of the upgrade will be:

  • An additional 9,300 square feet of fitness space
  • An indoor turf area
  • Accommodation of best in the industry fitness equipment