City Departments

In compliance with the disaster declarations recently signed by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and Mayor Robert Dye, due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, the following closures and cancellations have been announced.

City of Farmers Branch facilities open with limited capacity:

  • Farmers Branch City Hall
  • Municipal Court
  • Animal Adoption Center
  • Historical Park
  • Manske Library

City of Farmers Branch facilities closed to the public:

  • The Branch Connection
  • Community Recreation Center
  • Aquatics Center
  • Barney Wood Bark Park
  • Citizen Collection Center (re-opening May 14)
  • Police & Fire Department Administrative Offices

Animal Services / Animal Adoption Center

  • Facility is open with limited capacity for visitors.
  • No trappings other than rabid or potentially rabid animals.
  • Animal Services Officers are addressing dangerous animals and dogs at large issues.
  • Animal Services can be contacted via phone at 972.919.8770 or email at

Building Inspections

  • Building Inspection is open and operating with limited in-person services.. 
  • Permits can be processed and Inspections may be requested through the “Report a Concern/Permit Inquiry” button on the City’s main web page.
  • Building Inspection Request Line 972.919.2549

Code Enforcement

  • Code Enforcement is tasked with enforcing the directives set forth by Dallas County as well as the City during COVID-19 pandemic. Code Enforcement is open and operating remotely. Concerns can be logged by visiting the “Report a Concern/Permit Inquiry” button on the City’s main web page.

Fire Department

  • The Fire Department is focusing on emergency service delivery and COVID-19 response.
  • Fire Prevention staff are at work and are supporting essential services. Construction inspections, CO and plan review services are open.
  • Emergency Management is assisting in coordinating the City’s COVID-19 response and is connected to County, State and Federal agencies.
  • For non-emergency questions, please call 972.919.2640.

Library Services

  • Library is now open.
  • Hours exclusively for seniors, 9 to 11 a.m., Monday - Friday.
  • There will not be any late fees assessed during this time
  • Email is the preferred method of contact:
  • Online resources remain available and can be found at
  • New library cards can still be issued remotely, which will allow access to online resources. Click here to get a library card.

Parks and Recreation

  • The Parks & Recreation Department is open during the county’s “Stay At Home” order and will be staffed remotely.  General inquiries, rental bookings or cancellations, and refund requests may be made by calling 972-919-2620, or by emailing  Facility specific questions may be made by calling the numbers below. 
    • The Branch Connection: 972-919-8740
    • Community Recreation Center: 972-247-4607
    • Aquatics Center: 972-919-8720
    • Historical Park: 972-406-0184
  • Please visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (FBTX) for online fitness, program, and educational classes.

Permit Desk

  • The Planning Department is open and operating with limited in-person services. Permits can be processed and Inspections may be requested remotely through the “Report a Concern/Permit Inquiry” button on the City’s main web page.


  • The Planning Department is open and operating with limited in-person services. Staff can be contacted via email, phone extensions, and at  

Police Department

  • Farmers Branch PD is functioning with priority being placed on Patrol Operations in order to meet Public Safety needs. Our Patrol watches continue to be fully staffed and available to the community for calls for service.
  • The police department lobby remains open during normal business hours of 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday.
  • Our emergency communications center (NTECC) is asking basic medical screening questions to all callers so please be patient with them as this is for our Officer’s safety.
  • Public fingerprinting services are currently suspended until further notice. 
  • If you have a case or offense report our Detectives are still following up on them.  Please leave a message with the appropriate Detective and they will get back to you.
  • Non-emergency calls can be made to 972.484.3620.
  • Call 911 in case of an emergency.  

Public Works

  • The Public Works Department is open and staffed remotely with limited in-person services. Public Works questions can be answered via email at or by phone at 972.919.2597.

Sustainability and Public Health (Solid Waste, Environmental Health)

  • Trash, recycling, and brush and bulky collections are following normal schedules.
  • Citizens Collection Center is closed and will reopen on May 14.
  • Camelot Landfill is open and available to Farmers Branch residents free of charge for residential waste disposal; however, residents will be required to purchase protective equipment for $5.
  • Trail projects under construction will be completed; new construction projects are on hold.
  • Stormwater, pool inspections, and food inspection frequency are occurring as needed.
  • Mosquito abatement and trapping will occur as needed.