Decade of Leadership 1980s

Carol Dingman Councilwoman 1981-1987

Carol Dingman

Served as Councilmember from 1981-1987

Oral History transcript

Audio file of the Oral History interview is available below:

William Bill Glancy. Mayor 2011.2014. Council 1980s

Bill Glancy

First Served as Councilmember from 1982 - 1986

Served as Mayor from 2011 - 2014

Oral History transcript

Dave Blair Mayor 1988-1986 and Councilmember 1982-1988

Dave Blair

First served as Councilmember from 1982 to 1988

Served as Mayor from 1988 to 1996

Audio courtesy of former Farmers Branch City Manager Richard Escalante’s eulogy of Mayor Dave Blair | 2018

John Dunagan. Council 1984.1988
John Dunagan

Served as Councilmember 1984-1988
Bob Phelps Councilman 1986-1988

Bob Phelps

First served as Councilmember from 1986-1988 and 1989-1996

Served as Mayor from 1996-2008 and 2014-2017

Oral History transcription

Audio files of interview are available below:

Calla Lea Davis Councilmember 1987 to 2003

Calla Lea Davis

Served as Councilmember from 1987 to 2003

Oral History transcription

Jeff Binford Councilman 1988-1993

Jeff Binford

Served as Councilmember from 1988-1993

Nancy Hardie Councilmember 1988-1989 and 1993-1996

Nancy Hardie

Served as Councilmember from 1988-1989 and 1993-1996

John Dunagan. Council 1984.1988

Bill Moses

Served as Councilmember from 1988-2007

Ron Pyle Councilman 1989-1996

Ron Pyle

Served as Councilmember from 1988-1996