Performance Management

Farmers Branch Performance Management System

Performance FBTX

Welcome to the performance management system for the City of Farmers Branch. Farmers Branch launched the balanced scorecard initiative in 2017 to build a common reporting structure for all City departments to increases accountability, enact industry-aligned standards in the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness, and provide residents with greater understanding of the services they receive.

Understanding the “Big” picture

Great service cannot be measured  by one type of data. Farmers Branch categorizes data through four lenses to paint the complete picture of service in Farmers Branch: Performance, Workload, Employee Engagement, and Resident Survey. By grouping all of these measures together on a balanced scorecard, departmental leaders have a one-stop shop for managing all aspects of the business and we have an amazing tool for providing transparency with the services we provide.

  • Performance – this is how we measure against benchmarks that are specific to the task. When possible, we align to the highest possible industry standards.
  • Workload – this tells us how busy we are. If we are experiencing a dramatic workload increase, performance should reflect this with decreasing performance measures and vice versa.
  • Employee Engagement – In 2017, the City of Farmers Branch began measuring employee engagement. We understand that employees are our most valuable resource and investing in our relationship with our employees will create an overall positive return on investment for the residents of Farmers Branch.
  • Resident Survey – The resident survey reminds every department of the voice of our residents by quantifying the importance and quality of the services we provide.

Keeping the data current is critical and we strive to update this data by the 15th of every month, but we will always put the accuracy of the data first. If you have any questions about our performance management system, please contact Ben Williamson, Assistant to the City Manager, at 972.919.2505 or by email.

Code Enforcement Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to strive for the continual improvement of our neighborhoods in order to provide a safe and livable environment for our residents. This is accomplished through the use of proactive neighborhood based enforcement, combined with excellent customer service; as well as, increased collaboration among residents, neighborhood associations and other external partners geared towards promoting public education and increased citizen awareness; all while working towards the common goal of creating a vibrant and dynamic community that seeks to improve the quality of life of all our residents.

Building Inspection Mission Statement:

“To protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of the stakeholders of the City of Farmers Branch by creating safe buildings and communities through enforcement of the City’s construction codes.”

Manske Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the Farmers Branch Manske Library is to provide the community with an inviting center for learning, culture, recreation and information in all its forms.

Police Department Mission Statement:

The mission of the Farmers Branch Police Department is to assure each citizen the opportunity to enjoy life in peace and free from criminal acts. Through a commitment to work in partnership with the citizens to provide courteous, professional services, the department will fairly and impartially carry out the mission with pride.

Fire Department Mission Statement:

The mission of the City of Farmers Branch is to build a vibrant, dynamic community that consistently seeks to improve the quality of life for our residents.