City Secretary

Description of Operations

The City Secretary is an officer of the City, appointed by the City Manager, who works closely with the Mayor and City Council, and is charged with attending and accurately recording the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the City Council.

The City Secretary is also custodian of all official records of the City and is the records management officer. As such, the City Secretary administers the City's records management program with procedures developed for creating and filing active records, storing inactive records, and imaging, purging, and preserving records. The City Secretary also has custodial authority for all City records and provides support to all departments and divisions in records management procedures. Additionally, when the City Secretary receives requests for public information, appropriate records are provided to requesting agencies and individuals. The City Secretary holds and maintains the City seal, affixing it to all instruments requiring such a seal.

The City Secretary’s Office serves as a resource for citizens and as a link between citizens and the City organization.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Posting legal notices and meeting agendas
  • Publishing legal advertisements and notices for the City
  • Oversees Citywide Elections
  • Filing deeds and easements
  • Serving as custodian of the City corporate seal
  • Serving on the City's executive management team
  • Recruiting and coordinating board and commission members
  • Signing all TABC applications
  • Attesting the Mayor's signature on all official documents
  • Coordinating the codification of City Ordinances into the City Code of Ordinances
  • Maintaining board and committee meeting minutes


In an effort to enhance transparency and to streamline the process of public information requests, the City Secretary's office has launched an online public information request process.

Citizens requesting public information will now be able to enter their request online, monitor the request and download any responsive documents. The program is very user friendly and will walk citizens from one step to the next. This system will handle Open Records requests for all City departments, including Police. Although the system is designed to streamline the process for citizens, additional methods of filing Open Records requests will still be accepted. For more information, call 972.919.2520.

In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, records will be provided unless considered confidential by law. Every effort is made to expedite all requests for disclosure of public information, however, due to personnel demands and schedules, requests may take the time allowed by law. The City of Farmers Branch may assess charges as prescribed by law or regulation for the requested documents. For more information on the Texas Public Information Act, please visit the Texas Attorney General web site.